Getting to La Tania

Generally I like to drive through the night (not missing work or a day's skiing). The Tunnel is the quickest (though not the cheapest) way and then an 8 hour, 600 mile dash to La Tania. Depending on the weather I follow the signs from Calais to Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Lyon, Chamberry, Albertville, Moutiers, La Tania. Alternatively head towards Geneva and turn of the motorway at the first Annecy sign and then head for Albertville - avoids tolls and is shorter (though probably slower).

Portsmouth - Le Harve is another good option especially if you live nearby. The 10:30pm sailing gets in at 7am French time - you could be in resort for 2pm if you got a move on.

More soon, like where to stay, road conditions, avoiding Saturdays etc.