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First of all sorry to all my fans of whom I know are of the thousands about the late arrival of TC's diary. The problem being the end of season and drinking commitments to catch up on which never happened mid season. Not great to start on an apology so here we go again......

Welcome back the Mansons, The long awaited arrival of Billy and Sarah Manson is now over. Bill and Sarah have been grafting hard in the states with rich people but now are back in our beloved village of La Tania chilling out for the rest of the season....So beware if a mad Kiwi asks you to go boarding or drinking!!!!!!

Many of you may have seen the few pictures of the Meribel Ball which I ended up at, Thank God for cameras because I don't remember anything of that night and neither did the guitar player for Fourplay who was incapable of playing in the second set and got dragged off stage by his fellow band members (or so I was told because the same happened to me!!!) Thursday was bad weather so a trip up to fun land (1850) was in order where in bar Le Jump Jim makes the finest B52's in the 3 Valleys. He took time and precision in pouring the three layers of deadly alcohol and when completed was instructed to distribute amongst his fellow colleagues and down that sucker, I don't know whether he was happy or sad about the whole affair but the deed was done and we all missed the last bus down.

The weekend saw happiness as an excited Toffa flew off to Wembley to watch Newcastle play and sadness as we all watched them get thrashed (what? - Ed) by Chelsea. On Toffa's return he assured us that all the Toon fans left London heads held high.

The Ski Lodge staff do went with and bang as Tim and Debs Wall treated about 24 of his hard working staff to a wicked night at the Chateau - a posh place with turrets and everything. I had Lambs clackers soup which I might add was delicious followed by a posh lump of meat. After the meal we started to leave but felt guilty and gave back all the stuff we had nicked and made out way to Dicks T Bar Meribel where the champers flowed, battles were won and lost and La Tania took Dicks. Pictures from Toff are self explanatory..... The following day was a nightmare - one hour late for work (not good when you are opening) feeling crap all day and having to attend another posh do with family and friends that night.

Thursday came around quick enough again and having still not sobered up from the staff do we made what could be our last sortie on 1850. Again we visited The Jump and again we taught young Jim how to drink. Then a quick visit to the Equipe Bar where Paul and Mike sorted us out big style for a past favour. That being them stranded in La Tania for Mikes birthday and me playing the good Samaritan and dragging them home with 5 minuets to spare for work. Naughty boys - never be late!!!!!

Friday was quiet with not much happening apart from Dan nearly falling off a 7 storey building - needless to say we have given up the sport of roof climbing while drunk....

Well work looms for me so bye for now and I promise the update will be on time next week....

Love everyone.....TC xxxxxxx