An occasional series of tributes to the pylons that carry the chairs, drags, gondolas and cable cars that carry us up the mountains. Send your nominations to

12 Apr - A mention for the first Troika pylon - on the webcam everday in all weathers.

6 Apr - View from the Aguille de Fruit chair of the Fruit drag with a pylon supported by long wires at the bend point to stop it getting dragged over - cool.

1 Apr - Plantrey lift, supports the Le Praz Gondola as well - how did we miss this one?

27 Mar - More from Les Menuires - what is it about the place? This time it's pylon number 7 on the Stade drag lift, check out that angle - the returning pomas travel miles away from the lift making it look very odd and fittting in with Les Menuires perfectly.

26 Mar - That huge pylon carrying that stupid looking triple gondola come cable car thing up to the hotels in Les Menuires - is this the only single pylon lift in the Three Valleys? You get a good view from the Tortollet chair that links you up from the La Masse side. The lift in question doesn't seem to have name.

14 Mar - Another entire lift nomination for the drag up from the village at St. Martin de Belleville - currently not working (not due to lack of snow but a mechanical problem. Rumour has it that this is the oldest lift in the 3 Valleys - 28 years old, respect.

13 Mar - All the pylons on the old 2-man chair up from 1550. These must be some of the oldest in the 3 Valleys and have corrugated iron and rust all over them. The lift is very slow though (and closes for lunch) so you can study them closely.

7 Mar - Meribel, Pylon 11 on the Burgin Saulire 2 Gondola which also supports the Combe Saulire drag - well hard.

3 Mar - Pylon number 7 on the Lanches 4-man chair in La Tania - a real powerful pylon taking a lot of strain with an underneath cable configuration.

27 Feb - Pylon number 3 on the 6-man chair in Meribel - A serious angle on this one

21 Feb - Top of St Martin 2, a triple job with an angled pylon from the same concrete foundation.

6 Feb - Les Menuires, that big one that hold 2 drags and a gondola (closely followed by the one that holds 2 drags and a chair).

3 Feb - Plattiers 1 immediately before Plattiers 2 starts just as you enter the station - A double, linked, well complicated affair.

28 Jan - Loze chair from Meribel side - pylons 6 and 7 (an up and over configuration).

27 Jan - Meribel, The Chaudanne pylon in the middle of all the lifts - Pylon of the day as it's such a popular meeting place, could do with some seats though...

16 Dec - Saulire gondola - second stage at the top. These three pylons wear shin pads...