La Tania News, Bar Talk and Gossip

Current some sort of date order

Zante mob leave

Natives visit

La Tania takes Dick's

Ski Lodge Staff Do

Jamie losing it in the toilets

5 hour waits at Geneva 'cos of snow in England!

The Toon losing at Wembley

Zoe in the Uni Champs via Geneva, Zurich, Munich etc...

Missing the last bus

Naked bowling

Teaching Le Jump Bar to drink

Sleeping in stair wells with rock stars

Shibb's last gigs

Return of Billy & Sarah

Return of Ali (again)

Meribel Snow Ball


Bowling at 1850

Pies at Brewskis

Shibboleth at Le Praz and sprained ankles

Detox fortnight

Le Praz session

More snow

Gordon's Birthday

Terrorist night

Clive's broken arm

Naked snowboarding

St. Patrick's day (night)

Dutch Happy Hour pop music

Julies last ditch attempt for the Boss de Boss

What's unique about Hull City?

Return of Shibboleth

Rond Point Rumble

Pete's Birthday

Topless pillow fighting

Trolleyed on toffee vodka at Brewskis

Dynastar 4x4 Powertrac club

Picnics on the piste

Staff T-shirt naming

More equal that or better it

Nicole's tattoo

TC asleep in the toilet

Fleet's new goggles

All in one ski suits

Football on the big screen in Albertville

Topless on the terrace for 400F

1650 night out

The Farcon incident

Make-up remover

Mardi Gras cross dressing

Running out of beer...

Punters fighting in Chalets

Julia leaves

Equal that or better it!

Vodka and Coke - definitely the seasons drink

Baileys and Lime - the most awful drink in the world

The Sunday Sport Chat Room

Some people know the score when time delayed football matches are shown....

Austin Powers cocktail - Yeah Baby! now available...

Piste Basher nights out

Everything at dot com


Ottely leaves


Double-Decks returns

James new sunglasses

The Matrix

Double-Decks phones up

Tim getting arrested

James new bodywarmer

Double-Decks leaves

Toon in the semis

James new 1080 skis

Parking tickets

Dan's broken rib

Jacuzzis and vodka

Gary Glitter

Sad Saturday club - Rugby v the footie results

Thursday trips to Brewskis at Melville De Belleville

Fleet's new bodywarmer with elasticated arm pits


Silly card games

Shut the bloody door

New Years Eve Video

Dan's broken arm