Essential costs in La Tania and around

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Pint of Amstel lager in Le Ski Lodge 30F
Pint of Amstel lager in Happy Hour 20F
Packet of 20 Marlborough Lights (pay about 4F more in a pub) 21F
Adult 6 day pass Courchevel - no insurance 920F
Adult 6 day pass 3 Valleys - with insurance 1220F
Adult 1 day Courchevel - no insurance 192F
Adult half day (after 12:30pm) Courchevel - no ins. 141F
3 Valleys extension ski pass 105F
French bread baguette 4.30F
Large French bread "flute" 5.80F
Macdonald's meal deal - best of menu (burger, fries and drink) 32F
12 eggs in the local Sherpa supermarket 14.50F
26 small bottles of Kronenbourg in Moutiers supermarket 54.70F
Litre of petrol - motorway 7.49F
Litre of petrol - supermarket 6.69F
Litre of petrol - Geneva (border) 5.34F
Car in Channel Tunnel (standard 1 way fare) 1095F
Tolls total: Latania - Lyon (1 way) 86F
Tolls total: Latania - Calais via Annecy avoiding Lyon (1 way) 320F
Tolls Albertville - Chamberry (1 way) 28F
Tolls Chamberry - Lyon (plus 10F to Satolas Airport) (1 way) 58F
Tolls Calais - Reims (1 way) 101F
Tolls Reims - Annecy (1 way no more tolls to La Tania) 219F
Ski school - Weekly group lessons 6 x 2 Hours - approx. 880F
Ski school - Private 2 hour lesson, 1 or 2 person (+90F ad pers) 580F
Pizza from the Pit Stop - cheese, tomato, ham and mushroom 45F